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Nature Nurtures Great Design

The tidal waters surrounding the mouth of the Piscataqua River and the Isles of Shoals off Kittery, Maine provide a broad range of conditions even within a single day.  A five mile row might begin on a placid creek, punch through a tide rip, surf on ocean swells then thread back through a shallow, rock-strewn rapids.

Developed and proven under Natures discipline in these varied conditions, the Echo rowing shells are exquisitely tuned for waters of any mood.

Echo designer Doug Martin, 66, is building on the experience of generations with profound creativity. He is the son of Arthur Martin, "father of recreational rowing".


Welcome to the Echo Rowing Open Water Experience 

Echo Rowing's pioneering new designs of open water rowing shells combine unprecedented ease of use with extraordinary stability. Our easy-to-handle shells enable you to enjoy exploring large bodies of water and varied coastal environments with confidence, knowing an Echo can handle chop, wakes and swells. Echo Rowing's distinctive features make our shells portable and are designed to launch from any beach or dock. Whether for pure pleasure or for the reward of a high-burn, low-impact workout, Echo Rowing makes open water rowing an accessible life-time sport for anyone who loves nature and outdoor fitness. Our experience in design and construction becomes your experience on the water.

2013 Blackburn Challenge Echo Results

The Blackburn Challenge held under trying conditions was again dominated by the Echo Rowing Shell.

Congratulations go out to the following rowers that excelled in their dividsion.
  • Sliding Seat Men's Touring Division
  • 1st Place - Paul Pugliese with a time of 3:18:00 This time would have placed Paul in 5th place in the racing shell division of 11 entrants
  • 2nd Place - Mark Allen with time of 3:34:14
  • 3rd Place - Carl-Henry Piel with time of 3:36:56
  • Sliding Seat Women's Touring Division
  • 1st Place - Eileen Perry with a time of 3:51:22. This time would have placed Eileen in 3rd place in the racing shell division.
  • 3rd Place - Maryellen Auger with a time of 3:57:55 - a personal best.

All in all Echo won 5 out of the top 6 medals in the touring division, again proving their versitility and seakeeping abilities.



  • Stable and forgiving for learning and safety, yet challenging fun for experts
  • Folding rigger system makes handling and storage a cinch
  • Smooth, fast, and responsive
  • Designed for sheltered or open water

Echo • Orange deck


  • Our touring model
  • Same proven hull and folding rigger system as the ECHO
  • Two large storage ports and deeper cockpit
  • Enough storage for a week's worth of gear
Islander • Yellow Deck  


  • For advanced rowers
  • highest speed potential on all water conditions
  • Low-drag, wave-piercing bow for open water
  • Lowest water entrapment of any shell
ACE • Yellow

VOYAGER • Yellow


The Voyager is Echo's latest entry into the versitle world of recreational rowing. At 18 feet long and 38" wide it can be easliy cartopped upside down or put on a trailer. Total weight of the hull without rowing rigs is 100 pounds. It can be rowed as a double, a single, or a single with a passenger.


Lorna Martin Perry, daughter of Arthur Martin in the Piscataqua tide rip testing the Isander

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